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Child Development home

Achieving Developmental Milestones of Each individual Child.

The Child Development Home (CDH) Program is a program that allows young children to receive early start in learning but in a home-like environment.

Providers give services to children age (0-17) in a home setting environment. The Children have an Individualized Care Plan they strive towards independence as they overcome their developmental milestones.

Adult Developmental Homes

Providing care for adults with Developmental disabilities

Adult Developmental Homes specializes on giving individualized care to adults aged 18-99 years.

The Providers give care to adults with Developmental Disabilities who need assistance in the Activities of Daily living and individualized goals as they work towards achieving independence.
The Agency and their Providers work conjointly with Members’ family (if applicable) and DDD personnel to ensure that these individuals receive the care that they need.

The Providers ensure that they attend to Members’ Medical and dental appointments, Speech, Occupational, behavior therapy if needed.

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Home & Community Based services

Medication done right

We aim to support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential in life.